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Scrum Training for Teams

Hi everyone!

I got exciting news! I will share with you what I’ve been working on for the past month in today’s post. I am planning to launch a Scrum training for the teams. These teams can include developers, finance, HR or marketing specialists, engineers etc. No limits. It will be 100% virtual; I’ll explain and show real examples of maintaining Scrum in a virtual environment. Throughout the course, I will introduce Agile & Scrum with real-world scenarios to you. If you would like to introduce Scrum to your teams or ‘refresh’ their Agile and Scrum understanding, or, perhaps, some new members joined your team recently and you would like to align principles and techniques, this training should help.

This virtual Scrum training will also include a three iterations simulation workshop with all the Scrum events present, such as a Standup, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and Retrospective (also Backlog Refinement). A project management tool that we’re going to use for the workshop will be Jira by Atlassian. However, if you’re already using some other tool such as ASANA, Trello or anything else, let me know in advance to prepare the Scrum board for the workshop. By default, I’ll be doing a short introduction to Jira software tool during the training.

With this type of training comes many benefits, such as if you’re unsure if Scrum is right for you and your team, you’ll get the answer by the end of the training. If your team is already self-managing, using Scrum, but needs a bit of help once in a while, the training can be an excellent opportunity to refresh their memories and maybe also learn something new.

This is an excellent opportunity for project/product managers or line managers to implement or maybe even strengthen the Scrum culture and WoW within their team w/o having to hire a Scrum Master or Agile Coach yet. Another advantage is that the training is virtual, so Covid-19 and having cross-country teams will not be a problem. I have been working as a Scrum Master with international teams virtually, so I’ve gathered a good portion of tips & tricks on how to implement/strengthen Scrum in your teams in a virtual environment.

The training can be done over Zoom or MS Teams, depending on your organization’s software.

I will guide, coach, and lead your virtual Agile teams to deliver a minimal viable product during the workshop. MVP will be the actual product that your team is developing right now. So, we will simulate three iterations in 1 day for the real product of your team.

Draft Training structure

Introduction to Scrum (Day 1) – 3 hours with 10 mins break after every 50 mins. Interactive quiz in the end!

  • History of Agile
  • Introduction to Scrum
  • Scrum Events, Roles, Artefacts
  • Metrics
  • Tools
  • Risks of implementing Scrum
  • Real-world examples
  • Useful websites & books on Scrum

Scrum practical workshop (Day 2) – 3 hours

This is a practical workshop where you will practice working with Scrum in 3 iterations and will get your questions answered.

  • Sprint planning
  • Daily standup
  • Backlog refinement
  • Story point estimation
  • Demo
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Real-world challenges
  • Simulated team chat
  • Team performance metrics

For whom it is

  • Your team needs an introduction to Scrum to see if this framework would work for them
  • You have new team members who recently joined your team, and you would like to align Scrum principles & techniques within the team
  • Your team wants to’ refresh’ their Agile and Scrum understanding and be reminded of why they started using Scrum and if it is an excellent way to continue working.

The capacity for group training is 5-10 people.

Let me know if you’re interested in sending an email to me.

Talk to you soon,



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